Foam Roller Deluxe, 36 inch (black)

Foam Roller Deluxe, 36 inch (black)

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Foam Roller Deluxe, 36 inch (black)

Activate deep core muscles, improve balance and posture with our Foam Roller™ Deluxe. 
This high-performance, professional roller is made of top-quality closed-cell foam with a non-skid surface. 
Incorporate a variety of movements while sitting, standing and lying down. 
It is excellent for myofascial release and for working out muscle knots with self-massage. 
This performance-boosting prop also includes a downloadable BONUS Exercise Guide.

Rounded corners on the Foam Roller™ add to the comfort level
Features a unique, texturized non-slip surface to reinforce stability and movement effectiveness while providing a gentle massage.
Strengthen deep support muscles to help stabilize the spine
Provide proprioceptive challenge
Relieve tension

Diameter: 15 cm / 6"
Length:    92 cm / 36"
Material: EVA foam
Raised nubbed surface texture

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