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Add resistance training to your upper and lower body to your regular floor exercises by integrating this ultimate tool into your movements: the Flex-Band®.

Allowing you to simulate the exercises usually practiced on the Reformer this Flex-Band of Medium resistance (green), 200cm (78.7 ”).

Included: A free exercise guide to download

Sculpt and tone your silhouette with Flex-Band®.

Change your body by building muscle endurance, targeting specific muscle groups and boosting your fat burning capacity.

Maintenance & Cleaning Maintain constant control of your Flex-Band during exercise.

Don't use if the tape shows signs of wear or tears Store out of direct sunlight in a dry place.

Never use corrosive cleaning products If necessary, clean the Flex-band with a clean cloth impregnated with a mixture of water and essential oil of tea tree (tea tree).

The latex of the Flex-Bands is made of natural rubber, durable and is powder coated.

Removing this powder can cause the bands to stick together.

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