Walking For Your Heart DVD Two-Pack

Walking For Your Heart DVD Two-Pack

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Walking For Your Heart DVD Two-Pack

Get motivated to reach your weight loss and fitness goals. All you need is a pair of supportive walking shoes and you’ll be on your way to boost your energy, shed pounds, slim down, improve cardiovascular fitness, and improve your body image and confidence.

WORKOUT LEVEL: Disk 1 - Beginner (Level 1 of 5) Disk 2 - Beginner (Level 2 of 5) LANGUAGE TRACKS: English/French REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Supportive walking shoes DISK 1: Walk on to Total Fitness: Enjoy this calorie burning Walking Pilates™ workout and learn to walk your way to a better body. Walking is one of the easiest and safest ways to get fit and healthy. Follow this fun, high-energy 30-minute workout, led by Master Instructor Trainer PJ O’Clair, and see how simple it is to walk your way to a better body. Also receive helpful tips on posture and body alignment throughout the program from Master Instructor Trainer, Moira Merrithew. DISK 2: Walk on to Weight Loss: Get fit and reach your weight loss goals with a power-packed Walking Pilates workout. PJ O’Clair guides you through an invigorating 50-minute walking workout designed for every shape and guaranteed to get your heart pumping. The best way to maintain a healthy weight is through a well-balanced diet combined with regular exercise, such as this workout.

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