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  • Gun-eX Mini Cobra Kit

    Full body workout for small indoor spaces Shorter version of GUN-eX’s the most popular tool for group training. Designed primarily for small indoor spaces to fit in every training zone.

    359,00 €
  • Unisex X-Harness

    Imbracatura unisex per praticare esercizi specifici sulla parte bassa del corpo; Imbottitura neoprene per un confort superiore.  Attenzione: i prodotti Gun-ex sono inviati dal deposito. La consegna è stimata da 2 a 15 giorni.   

    39,50 €
  • Gun-eX Wire Lockable Carabiner

    Carabiner has a removable pin that can be secured using allen key (included in package). With pin in place you can lock carabiner to any accessory to prevent lost or theft.

    18,50 €
  • Maillon Carabiner

    This climbing maillon carabiner anchors the COBRA and ROCKET ropes. It is tested to withstand extreme forces.

    7,50 €
  • Anchor strap

    Attach your COBRA or ROCKET to anything indoors or outdoors. It attaches easily to huge objects like trees or columns.

    10,90 €
  • Sackpack

    Suitable for GUN-eX QUATTRO or CORE MACHINE, or as a stand-alone sack for your training clothes.

    10,90 €
  • Heavy duty carry bag

    This is the ideal bag to carry all your GUN-eX® gear with plenty of room for your shirt and sneakers. The bag is equipped with 3 special straps so you can carry it in hand or wear it as a backpack.

    26,90 €
  • LIVEPRO Wooden Gym Rings

    Livepro's Wooden Gymnastic Rings offers athletes a texture, grip and light feel thoroughly distinct from steel or plastic rings.  These rings hark back to the classic wood gym rings of the past, while still integrating easily into any modern home gym or strenght training facility. Sold as a pair.

    46,50 €
  • LIVEPRO Battling Rope

    LIVEPRO's battling Rope is the perfect training tool, for multi-purpose exercices. Great for high intensity training, boost your strenght, core stability and muscle stamina. Convenient for indoor & outdoor use. Dimensions : Lenght 12m, diameter 3.8cm, weight 10.5kgs

    88,90 €
  • LIVEPRO Premium Speed Jumprope

    Lightweight high-performance steel-coated rope maintains its shape and provides maximum rope speed for performing double-under & triple-under jumps. Ergonomic handles prevent slippage and add comfort. Patent-pending linear adjustment system allows you to easily adjust rope up to 10 feet to fit any user's height. Material : Rope (PVC coated...

    15,00 €
  • Hip Belt Gun-eX

    The universal hip belt can be used for the heaviest loads and the most energetic training. It is designed for movement in any direction (360°) with no tension on the adjusting buckle. It is padded with neoprene for comfort.

    32,50 €
  • ROCKET + X-harness - Resistance 400 Newtons

    This resistance rope is a perfect tool for working your accelerations. It will allow you to work at the same time your agility and your reaction time. Lightweight and easy to carry, it comes with a harness that is mainly used to make sprint and have the point of gravity on the shoulders.

    189,00 €
  • ROCKET + X-harness - Resistance 400 Newtons

    This resistance rope is a perfect tool for working your accelerations. It will allow you to work at the same time your agility and your reaction time. Lightweight and easy to carry, it comes with a belt that can be used for heavier loads and for a more intense effort.

    179,00 €
  • Battling Rope

    Commonly seen in CrossFit, the Reebok branded Battling Rope is a heavy-duty, 10m long polyester rope with rubber grips at each end for a strong hold. Battling ropes typically enhance an athlete's grip, strength and overall levels of functional training capacity by building up to a peak heart rate through a variety of motions. 5cm thick, the Reebok rope...

    200,00 €
  • Speed Rope

    Reebok Speed Rope - A classic piece of equipment for improving cardiovascular fitness and agility. The stylish Reebok Speed Rope, with grey and red lightweight slim grip handles, provides highly effective training whilst taking up minimum space in the home. The 300cm rope is easily length adjustable and offers a fast smooth motion through every jump.

    8,00 €
  • Premium Speed Rope

    The fully adjustable, 3.1m durable coated steel cable allows you to set the Reebok Premium Speed Rope to your required length based on height and capability. Its weighted handles with textured grip feature an integrated ball bearing mechanism to ensure a super quick, smooth rotational motion. Combining sophisticated technology and sleek design, the red...

    24,99 €
  • TRX Conditioning Rope

    Increase power, blast fat and build core and upper body strength in high-intensity, metabolic workouts with the TRX Conditioning Rope.

    143,90 €
  • Gun-eX Cobra Pro KIT

    Allenamento completo del corpo, tutti gli accessori estistenti della gamma. Scelta ideale per i sportivi professionisti e trainers. Perfetto per portare indoor e outdoor.  Per questo è questo Kit ? Il COBRA PRO kit è fatto per te se vuoi usare fino in fondo il potenziale dei tuoi nuovi elastici. Include tutti gli accessori esistenti della marca per...

    441,92 € 519,90 € -15%
  • GUN-EX COBRA basic KIT

    Si tratta di corde ondulatorie elastiche: apportano maggiori risultati, esercizi variegati e più duraturi rispetto alle corde standard non elastiche. L'elasticità delle corde ti reinvia la tua forza e aumenta la resistenza su ogni moviemento. Sviluppa la forza e la potenza della parte alta e centrale del tuo corpo.   Per chi è questo Kit...

    385,00 €

    Concepito per le sessioni di corsi collettivi o in small group training. Allenamento HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) che resta “fun” portando risultati incomparabili. Un solo kit permette di allenare due clienti ogni volta.  Per chi è questo Kit ? Le COBRA GUNNING è fatto per te se vuoi usarlo durante i corsi collettivi o in small group...

    429,00 €
  • Gun-eX Cobra Tactical KIT 300

      Serie speciale mimetica con una durabilità migliorata, concepito per le forze armate e istituzionali (pompieri, carabinieri, polizia, etc). Allenamento dell'insieme del corpo, esercizi con corda ondulatoria, sprints, salti, lavoro plyo ... Facile da portare ovunque con la propria borsa  Per chi è questo Kit ? Il COBRA TACTICAL kit è fatto per coloro...

    479,00 €
  • Gun-eX Cobra Speed KIT

    Corda di velocità per gli esercizi della parte bassa del corpo: partenza stoppata, sprints, salti  etc… Per chi è questo Kit ? Il COBRA SPEED kit è dedicato al lavoro delle parti inferiori. è lo strumento ideale per gli sportivi che vogliono migliorare la loro velocità di corsa, la potenza, l'accelerazione e il tempo di reazione. Il SPEED kit è...

    229,00 €
  • Wooden bar (ASH)

    Barra leggera in legno di frassino duro con il logo Gun-eX. Con 3 punti di fissaggio per i tuoi  COBRA, ROCKET o CORE per i battleropes Gun-eX. Attenzione: i prodotti Gun-ex sono inviati dal deposito. la consegna è stimata tra 2 e 15 giorni 

    53,90 €
  • PLANET FITNESS Leather Rope - 3 Lengths
    -14,90 €
    Prodotto disponibile con diverse opzioni
    PLANET FITNESS Leather Rope

    The PLANET FITNESS leather Rope is available in 3 Lengths: 240cm, 270cm or 300cm.

    8,00 € 22,90 € -14,90 €

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