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  • REEBOK Core Board

    The Reebok Professional Core Board provides an unstable platform that can be used by both beginners and advanced users to help improve strength and function of the core muscles with its ability to tilt, twist and recoil against the body's natural movements. When you stand on the core board, all of your muscles from your feet to your hips, lower back and...

    179,25 € 239,00 € -25%

    freeFORM Board is a great addition to any personal trainer’s, group fitness instructor or fitness enthusiasts toolbox. From simple, linear, isolation exercises to whole body integratedfunctional training, the freeFORM Board delivers better results in less time and in a novel and joyable manner. Existing freeFORM users often describe freeFORM as the...

    269,25 € 359,00 € -25%
  • BOSU Pro

    Professional BOSU Balance Trainer Complete with pump and manual 673mm x 635mm x 254mm (h) inflated

    249,90 €
  • Mini Stability Ball - Da 18cm a 30,5cm

    Achieve a full-body workout and improve your posture by using the Mini Stability Ball™. This lightweight and portable mini ball, provides an unstable base of support, designed to activate your deepest stabilizing muscles. Available in 18cm / 25cm / 30,5cm.

    14,50 €

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