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  • LIVEPRO Wall Balls

    Develop strenght and coordination with Wall balls. Its durable soft-shell construction is moisture-resistant for enhanced grip, while the large size and ample padding make it easy to catch. It's great for integrated strenght and endurance exercices such as toss-and-catch, throws, squats, medicine ball cleans, core work, and more.

    43,90 €
  • LIVEPRO Slam Balls

    Improve speed and power, and vary your workouts! The Slam Balls are used to develop speed and explosiveness and work your acceleration. They are therefore perfect for making slams - an explosive movement thrown to precisely use power and...

    10,88 € 14,50 € -25%
  • Slam Ball

    Measuring 23cm in diameter, the 2kg Reebok Slam Ball features a pliant, textured surface to reduce bounce and provide a better grip during workouts. Overhead weighted ball slams are a great exercise for working the entire body and releasing stress, but this explosive power can take its toll on the ball itself, that's why it's important to choose a ball...

    60,00 €
  • TRX Slam ball

    Engage your entire body in a high-intensity TRX Slam Ball workout that builds strength, cardio and explosive power. Simple and easy-to-use, TRX Slam Balls are a fast, fun and effective for athletes of all levels!

    35,90 €
  • Pilates Edge  & DVD Series (Combo) Pilates Edge  & DVD Series (Combo)
    -84,90 €

    Medicine Ball Reebok 6-10 Kg 

    70,00 € 154,90 € -84,90 €
  • PLANET FITNESS Slam Ball - From 3kg to 15kg PLANET FITNESS Slam Ball - From 3kg to 15kg
    -17,90 €

    Improve speed and power, and vary your workouts! The Slam Balls are used to develop speed and explosiveness and work your acceleration. They are therefore perfect for making slams - an explosive movement thrown to precisely use power and acceleration. Unlike conventional Medicine Balls, Balls Slam are specially designed not to bounce and thus allow a...

    12,00 € 29,90 € -17,90 €
  • REEBOK Soft Medicine Ball - 6kg REEBOK Soft Medicine Ball - 6kg
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    REEBOK Soft Medicine Ball

    The Reebok Soft Medicine Ball is designed to withstand regular and rigorous use, but at the same time is forgiving enough for users to safely catch the ball from a high velocity. Its solid and reliable construction means it keeps its shape after prolonged use. The Reebok Medicine Ball's stitched design features a black shell with red panels, displaying...

    59,45 € 118,90 € -50%

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