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    For bodyweight suspension training at it's best, make your body your machine with the highly effective TRX® Strong System. More Results In Less Time Designed to effectively tone your upper body, lower body, and core.  Helps to burn fat and build muscle while increasing endurance and strength.  Offers total body workouts in as little...

    149,95 €

    Il nuovo rullo vibrante in spugna GRID VIBE distende i muscoli tesi, migliora la flessibilità, alleggerisce il dolore e aumenta la capacità di recupero in qualche movimento di vibrazione. Prendi il rullo per la messa in forma e per la routine di recupero sulla parte alta con il nuovissimo rullo vibrante GRID VIBE. Questo rullo vibrante meccanico di...

    99,95 €
  • Gun-eX Quattro Pro

    QUATTRO PRO Kit professionale completo per l'allenamento in movimento dinamico di tutto il corpo.  Allenamento completo del corpo per migliorare la forza dinamica, la coordinazione e l'esplosività basato sulla resistenza procurata ad ognuno dei vostri movimenti, siano essi della parte alta del corpo, delle gambe o del busto.  Per chi...

    429,00 €
  • Accroche murale multimount TRX Accroche murale multimount TRX
    Prodotto disponibile con diverse opzioni
    Multimount wall mount TRX

    The TRX MultiMount is a sturdy, industrial-grade steel, wall mounted pull-up bar. It enables you to expand small group training volume, maximize space savings, provide more room for pull-ups and muscle-ups, and make more money for your club. Perfect for workout facilities where room is tight, the MultiMount comes in 4 different sizes and has a wide...

    742,80 €
  • TRX Home Kit V2

    The TRX Home2 System’s adjustable foot cradles and sleek strap design bring heightened customization to TRX’s popular Suspension Trainer, accommodating a wide range of uses, including multi-user households and barefoot training. The new Home2 System works dynamically in combination with the state-of-the-art TRX App that curates and delivers personalized...

    199,00 €
  • Resistance Tube

    Target any muscle group simply and effectively with the light resistance tube from Reebok. Featuring comfort grip handles with three interchangeable resistance levels (sold individually); the resistance band assists with strengthening multiple muscle groups at one time. As a versatile piece of equipment, there are a plethora of exercises, both upper and...

    12,00 €
  • LIVEPRO Gym Sled

    Lo scivolo di resistenza Livepro è lo strumento ideale per migliorare forza e endurance, ti dà la possibilità di tonificare e migliorare l'insieme del tuo corpo con un solo accessorio.  Il suo fondo e i pattini in acciaio procurano uno scivolo dolce e ti permettono di utilizzare superfici multipli. Lo scivolo pesa 2kgs e puoi...

    288,50 €
  • Elastici super LIVEPRO

    Gli elastici super Livepro sono strumenti perfetti per tutta una serie di azioni:  conditioning, reabilitazione, jumping, speed training, aerobics.   Allo stesso tempo, questi elastici sono ideali per il lavoro con le barre olimpiche perché permettono d'aggiungere resistenza al tuo...

    6,50 €
  • Training Bands

    The Reebok Training Band is a versatile product allowing you to perform a variety of strength and fitness exercises. And, its portability also means you can perform those exercises anytime, anywhere. The number of different exercises you can do with a resistance band is phenomenal. For the legs, front squats, leg extensions and lateral band walks are just...

    28,00 €
  • Powerbands Set Flex

    The FLEX Set is multifaceted and can be used for rehabilitation, strength training, general fitness and prehabilitative exercises. The set includes three FLEX band strength, a door anchor and a training manual. The portable & lightweight set is perfect for travel and is suitable for all fitness levels Bonus: The set include a 60 day access to our...

    37,90 €

    Maximize your workouts and bring them to the next level with the Let’s Bands door anchor that attaches to nearly any three hinge door. This versatile attachment increases your exercises options with any resistance training tool. It also includes a protective non-wear sleeve to minimize wear and tear on powerbands for prolonged use. So, you can choose...

    8,50 €
  • Powerbands Flex

    The powerbands FLEX in yellow has the lightest resistance. Optimal for beginners and professionals to combine with our other bands. The yellow band is ideal for warming up, activating your muscles, active recovery, physical rehabilitation therapy and light strength training exercises. The powerbands FLEX in green has medium resistance. Optimal for...

    8,90 €

    The Powerbands Floss is an essential performance tool and should be a staple in the gym bag of every athlete looking to improve their range of motion, restore joint mechanics, or heal previously injured muscle tissue. Flossing works on many levels simultainiously; increasing recovery & improving joint mechanics. They can also be used for Occlusion...

    19,90 €
  • Powerbands Max

    Our powerbands MAX Yellow has a extra light resistance and is ideal for women and men. In addition to strength and interval training, you can also use our powerband MAX Yellow for shoulder, arms, lower body, flexibility and rehabilitation exercises. Recommended for beginners, advanced users and professionals. Our powerbands MAX Green has a medium...

    17,90 €
  • Powerbands MINI

    The powerbands MINI in yellow has the lightest resistance and is therefore optimal for beginners or for combining with our other bands. The yellow band is ideal for warming up, activating your muscles, targeting the main muscle groups, or core stability muscles. Recommendations and combinations are provided in the below description. The powerbands MINI...

    4,90 €
  • Powerbands Set Mini

    The power set MINI contains all three powerbands with light, medium, and strong resistance strengths. This set enables you to carry out a variety of our exercises and workouts. You can easily determine your training level on the basis of the different strengths. Recommendations for beginners and training can be found in the description below.

    15,90 €
  • Powerbands Tube

    Our powerband TUBE yellow has the lightest resistance and is therefore optimal for beginners or for combining with other bands. In addition to warming up, activating your muscles or stability exercises you can also use our yellow TUBE for shoulder, arms, lower body, flexibility and rehabilitation exercises. The ergonomic rotating handles ensure maximum...

    14,90 €
  • Powerbands Set MAX

    The power set MAX includes all three powerbands MINI and the powerbands MAX Black. This set enables you to carry out all of our exercises and workouts. There are simply no limits to the variety of exercises that can be brought to your training regimen using powerbands.

    42,90 €
  • Powerbands Set Pro

    The PRO Set is our best-selling product among women and men! It is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to experience the full power of a unique training tool. The set includes all five powerbands, an exercise DVD, and a training manual. Take the "smallest gym in the world" home with you.

    62,90 €
  • TRX bands

    Whether you’re rehabbing an injury or going after a new PR, TRX Resistance Bands is an essential part of your strength building toolbox.

    35,90 €

    Questo Suspension Trainer permette di allenarsi in qualsiasi tipo di ambiente. Qui nella confezione da 6 pezzi pensato per militari, caserme, carabinieri, pompieri … palestre e organizzazioni sportive.  

    1 439,00 €

    NUOVO COMMERCIAL SUSPENSION TRAINERTM COMMERCIAL SUSPENSION TRAINER TRX® è fino ad oggi il nostro prodotto più innovativo, progettato per soddisfare l’uso intensivo all’interno di attività commerciali.

    1 260,00 €
  • TRX GO Suspension Training Kit

    This is our lightest, leanest Suspension Trainer. The TRX Go is your personal training system to help you develop and maintain a lean, strong body. With TRX Go, you can tighten, tone and sculpt your body anywhere, anytime.

    139,00 €
  • Resistance Band Kit

    Il sistema di fissaggio "Attach Anywhere" degli elastici permette di agganciarli ai quadranti delle porte e a numerosi elementi fissi per un utilizzo polivalente massimale. Puoi combinare le strisce per ottenere il livello di resistenza che trovi migliore per te (2 strisce con diversi livelli di resistenza : rosso/5kg e...

    29,67 € 34,90 € -15%

    Il TRX FORZA KIT 2 è un sistema di allenamento creato ed utilizzato dalle forze di élite americane. Include un programma di rinforzo muscolare intensivo su 12 settimane che vi aiuterà ad avere un'ottima condizione fisica, ovunque vi troviate.

    249,95 €

    Lightweight, easily transportable and suitable for users of all new physics, the RIP trainer can be attached to any secure hook point for a complete body workout. The RIP Trainer uses an innovative rope-resistance system to create a variable, unbalanced load that allows the center of the body to develop, explode, flexibility and endurance to cope with the...

    189,95 €
  • LES MILLS Smartband

    The LES MILLS Smartband are the most recent innovative and most resistant resistance bands, added to the revolutionary line of LES MILLS SMART TECH. Perfect for use during and CXWORX and BODYVIVE programs, for training and even for home fitness! They are optimally integrated with both the LES MILLS SMARTBAR and the LES MILLS SMARTSTEP, so that the...

    39,00 €
    Prodotto disponibile con diverse opzioni

    Livello di forza debole a forte : Presa con attacco ultra resistente Rivestimento 100% caucciù per un confort ottimale

    15,00 €
  • PLANET FITNESS Power Tube - 5 Levels
    Prodotto disponibile con diverse opzioni

    Livelo di forza debole a forte : Presa con attacco ultra resistente Rivestimento 100% caucciù per un confort ottimale

    18,00 €
  • Elastic Band FLEX-BAND latex-free - 2 intensità disponibili

    100% Hypo-allergenicLatex-free Incorporate this ultimate sculpting tool, the Flex-Band®, into your matwork routine to add upper and lower body resistance training into your workout. Simulate the flexibility and resistance exercises performed on the Reformer with this light-strength (orange), 198cm (6’5”) long, non-toxic, recyclable Flex-Band....

    9,50 €
  • TRX RIP TRAINER RESISTANCE CORD - 5 resistenze disponibili

    Personalizza il tuo TRX® Rip Training con le varie forze dei nastri: Light, Medium, Heavy o Extra Heavy

    24,00 €
  • PLANET FITNESS Power Tube - 5 Levels PLANET FITNESS Power Tube - 5 Levels
    Prodotto disponibile con diverse opzioni

    The Power Band is a first class stretching tool of choice. After attaching the one end, you can use it to stretch a body part. By lying on your back and wrapping it around your foot, you can take with your hands to stretch your hamstrings. The elastic therefore increases the intensity of the stretching with a resistance which is easy to...

    4,36 € 10,90 € -60%
  • Elastico REEBOK Power

    L'elastico Reebok Power puo essere utilizzato in una vasta gamma di attività di rimessa in forma per migliorare forza e elasticità.   

    17,45 € 34,90 € -50%

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