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  • Tapis en jute (Naturel)

    Add resistance to squats, lunges, bicep curls and chest presses with our new 2 lbs (0.9 kg) weighted bar! Easy to use and versatile, the weighted bar provides stable positioning of arms and shoulders while you condition, strengthen and tone your muscles. Works well alone or with a variety of accessories such as a Stability Ball™, Balance Pad or BOSU®. Use...

    71,28 € 118,80 € -40%
  • Training Mat - Diamond

    Reebok 'Strength' Training mat - more space for intense strength training. The 8mm thick Reebok training mat with bold diamond detailing, provides a comfortable, cushioned and larger surface area of 183cm x 61cm for all types of bodyweight strength exercises such as press ups, planks or spidermans. Its non-slip design ensures it remains in the same...

    50,00 €
  • Studio Mat

    The 10mm thick Reebok Studio Mat provides a plush platform for all types of studio classes such as Yoga, Pilates and floor-based workouts. Formed from a single piece of 10mm thick foam, the mat retains its consistency when compressed, making it ideal for all types of exercises and routines. The integrated eyelets allow simple and fast storage on a...

    45,00 €
  • Mat Rack

    Designed to store up 30 Reebok Studio mats, including the Reebok Elite Mat, Reebok Yoga Mat, Reebok Pilates Mat and the Reebok Studio Mat, the steel Reebok Mat Rack is simple in design and high quality in its construction to ensure it doesn’t topple over when loaded with mats. With a small footprint, the mat rack is ideal for any gym or studio...

    330,00 €
  • Elite Yoga Mat

    Investing in a quality yoga mat is making a commitment to your practice; investing in a quality yoga mat of eco-friendly construction is a commitment to the environment. The 5mm thick premium Reebok Elite Yoga mat is both a practical and stylish option to support you in all Yoga poses with great comfort. the Elite Yoga Mat yields to pressure and...

    60,00 €

    Trattati anti sudore, anto batterie e anti odore  Completamente waterproof Con occhielli per la collocazione sul porta tappetini  Superficie anti scivolo  Larghezza: 60 cm Spessore: 0,7 cm Fabbricati in Europa

    38,50 €

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