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  • LIVEPRO Parallettes

    Parallettes have their roots in gymnastic training (re-creating the feeling of parallel bars), but the type of dynamic bodyweight exercices they enable can benefit all streght athletes, no matter their sport of choice. Sold as a pair.

    49,90 €
  • LIVEPRO Super Bands

    Livepro Super Bands are the best for general conditioning, rehabilitation, jumping, speed training, aerobics, and for lifters as assistance for upper body to increase the resistance for biceps & triceps. Either band is great for beginners and light weightlifters  It can be used to increase the intensity of a workout without adding weights to the bar....

    6,50 €
  • LIVEPRO Wooden Gym Rings

    Livepro's Wooden Gymnastic Rings offers athletes a texture, grip and light feel thoroughly distinct from steel or plastic rings.  These rings hark back to the classic wood gym rings of the past, while still integrating easily into any modern home gym or strenght training facility. Sold as a pair.

    46,50 €
  • Ab Mat LIVEPRO

    Ab Mat is a simple yet unique core trainer which offers low-back comfort and support during ab exercices. The contoured shape promotes safe lumbar extension, placing the abdominal muscles on a slight pre-stretch, which in turn promotes maximal abdominal activation. Dimensions : 38x31x7.5cm.

    16,90 €

    Patented smooth rotation increases muscle activation and maximizes results. Increases muscle strength and definition in arms, shoulders, chest, back and abs. Reduces joint strain in wrists and elbows through natural body movement. Ergonomic grip helps distribute weight and reduce pressure points. Off-road style tread securely grips all floor surfaces....

    29,90 €

    Transforma il tuo corpo con Perfect MULTIGYM e realizza un allenamento completo della parte alta del corpo.  Utilizza il tuo piede per sviluppare e rinforzare i tuoi muscoli: - Trazioni, chinups (trazioni con il mento alzato), addominali e dips (flessioni posteriori)   - Aumento della forza e della definizione muscolare delle braccia, del...

    44,90 €

    Novità! Esiste in vari colori (giallo, rosa, verde) Fornito con DVD e poster Semplificate le vostre abitudini d'allenamento e raggiungete i vostri obiettivi con il sistema di allenamento totale LEBERT EQUALIZER. E' un accessorio semplice, trasportabile, multi-uso e polivalente che sollecita le braccia, il torace, la schiena ed i muscoli della...

    100,03 € 142,90 € -30%

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