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  • Rastrelliera per Kettlebells LIVEPRO

    ​ Rastrelliera per kettlebells. La capacità della rastrelliera varia secondo la taglia e il peso delle kettlebells che vuoi disporre.  Dimensioni : 63.5 x 75 x 81cm.

    346,90 €
  • Kettlebells ghisa LIVEPRO

    Le Kettlebells LivePro sono disponibili da 4 à 32kgs e sono concepite per evitare di rovinare i pavimenti delle sale d'allenamento.   Modellate con un solo pezzo le kettlebells in ghisa Livepro sono più resistenti. La parte inferiore è stata fabbricata per essere...

    13,50 €
  • Studio Kettlebell

    Kettlebells have been around since the days of the ancient Greeks, but kettlebell training as we know it today is of Russian origin and has been used in Eastern Bloc countries for centuries by the military, police, athletes, wrestlers and fitness enthusiasts alike to develop strength, agility, power and endurance. The kettlebell is an extremely popular...

    80,00 €
  • TRX Kettlebell

    Combine strength and cardio training while engaging multiple muscle groups in workouts with TRX Gravity Cast Kettlebells.

    29,90 €
  • PLANET FITNESS Kettlebell

    The PLANET FITNESS Kettlebells are available in different weights and are designed with a rubber pad to avoid damaging the soil.CHARACTERISTICS      Material: steel and rubber      Available from 4 to 32kg      Sold per unit.

    32,95 € 65,90 € -50%

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