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  • TRX Kettlebell

    Combine strength and cardio training while engaging multiple muscle groups in workouts with TRX Gravity Cast Kettlebells.

    49,90 €
  • PLANET FITNESS Kettlebell

    The PLANET FITNESS Kettlebells are available in different weights and are designed with a rubber pad to avoid damaging the soil.CHARACTERISTICS      Material: steel and rubber      Available from 4 to 32kg      Sold per unit.

    12,40 € 15,50 € -20%
  • REEBOK Kettlebell

    In addition to strength workouts, kettlebells also offer a great cardio workout due to the extra movement involved in executing specific exercises. Kettlebell exercises typically focus on endurance, power and dynamic movements such as the swing, bent row, clean and snatch. The Reebok Kettlebells are 100% cast iron with a heavy duty dipped rubber coating,...

    65,45 € 130,90 € -50%

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