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    For bodyweight suspension training at it's best, make your body your machine with the highly effective TRX® Strong System. More Results In Less Time Designed to effectively tone your upper body, lower body, and core.  Helps to burn fat and build muscle while increasing endurance and strength.  Offers total body workouts in as little...

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    Il nuovo rullo vibrante in spugna GRID VIBE distende i muscoli tesi, migliora la flessibilità, alleggerisce il dolore e aumenta la capacità di recupero in qualche movimento di vibrazione. Prendi il rullo per la messa in forma e per la routine di recupero sulla parte alta con il nuovissimo rullo vibrante GRID VIBE. Questo rullo vibrante meccanico di...

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  • Tapis en jute (Naturel)

    Add resistance to squats, lunges, bicep curls and chest presses with our new 2 lbs (0.9 kg) weighted bar! Easy to use and versatile, the weighted bar provides stable positioning of arms and shoulders while you condition, strengthen and tone your muscles. Works well alone or with a variety of accessories such as a Stability Ball™, Balance Pad or BOSU®. Use...

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  • Training Mat - Diamond

    Reebok 'Strength' Training mat - more space for intense strength training. The 8mm thick Reebok training mat with bold diamond detailing, provides a comfortable, cushioned and larger surface area of 183cm x 61cm for all types of bodyweight strength exercises such as press ups, planks or spidermans. Its non-slip design ensures it remains in the same...

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  • Resistance Tube

    Target any muscle group simply and effectively with the light resistance tube from Reebok. Featuring comfort grip handles with three interchangeable resistance levels (sold individually); the resistance band assists with strengthening multiple muscle groups at one time. As a versatile piece of equipment, there are a plethora of exercises, both upper and...

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  • Gymball Rack

    The Reebok Studio Gymball Rack is a perfect addition to any gym or studio environment, holding up to 9 Reebok gymballs. Both fast and easy to assemble from a compact flat-pack, the Reebok Gymball Rack is of steel construction for added sturdiness. With its professional grey and black design, the rack will be a stand-out feature of any fitness facility,...

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  • Studio Mat

    The 10mm thick Reebok Studio Mat provides a plush platform for all types of studio classes such as Yoga, Pilates and floor-based workouts. Formed from a single piece of 10mm thick foam, the mat retains its consistency when compressed, making it ideal for all types of exercises and routines. The integrated eyelets allow simple and fast storage on a...

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  • Mat Rack

    Designed to store up 30 Reebok Studio mats, including the Reebok Elite Mat, Reebok Yoga Mat, Reebok Pilates Mat and the Reebok Studio Mat, the steel Reebok Mat Rack is simple in design and high quality in its construction to ensure it doesn’t topple over when loaded with mats. With a small footprint, the mat rack is ideal for any gym or studio...

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  • Elite Yoga Mat

    Investing in a quality yoga mat is making a commitment to your practice; investing in a quality yoga mat of eco-friendly construction is a commitment to the environment. The 5mm thick premium Reebok Elite Yoga mat is both a practical and stylish option to support you in all Yoga poses with great comfort. the Elite Yoga Mat yields to pressure and...

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  • Reebok Step

    Introduced to health clubs over 25 years ago, the timeless aerobic Reebok Step remains an integral and immensely popular piece of equipment in the group fitness exercise arena today. Variety in training is key to progress and with the Reebok Aerobic Step, no two workouts are ever the same. This is the ideal platform for group classes to perform a large...

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  • Compact Bike

    1,2,3…! The bike's bottom frames, pedals and saddle are unfolding in 3 quick & simple steps ! In less than one minute your bike is ready for your workout. While exercising you can also read, watch TV, work with your tablet computer or your smartphone, practice other exercises for the arms..... So what are you waiting for ? Move with...

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  • Compression Calf Sleeve

    Compression garments are typically used to assist in blood circulation, reduce blood lactate concentration during running and control the amount of muscle oscillation that results from pounding during running. The Reebok Compression Calf Sleeve, available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes (sold separately), is designed to help you perform at...

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  • Guanti da corsa REEBOK

    Trail notturni a portata di mano! Qualcosa di piccolo, leggero e apparentemente semplice come un paio di guanti da corsa puo' infine fare la differenza in una corsa trail. Con un palmo ruvido per una presa migliorata, mentre stai tenendo la tua bottiglia d'acqua, telefonino o la roccia che si sbriciola per arrivare in cima, i guanti da corsa...

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  • Compression Arm Sleeve

    Compression garments are typically used to assist in blood circulation, reduce blood lactate concentration during running and control the amount of muscle oscillation that results from pounding during running. The Reebok Compression Arm Sleeve, available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes (sold separately), is designed to help you perform at...

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    Parti sulla lunga distanza. Per un corsa con distanze più lunghe, in giorni caldi, uan cintura girovita dove mettere varie bottigliette è conveniente, ti evita problemi e è facile durante la tua avventura.La cintura girovita lunga distanza Reebok puo permetterti di avere 4 bottiglie da 200 ml per qualsiasi tipo di bibita, contiene un inserto resistente...

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  • product product
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    Ankle Weights

    Comfortable, adjustable and secure, the pair of 0.5kg grey and blue ankle weights from the Reebok Women's Training range fit securely on the ankles thanks to their easily adjustable hook and loop closure. The Reebok weights are a great choice for fitness enthusiasts who are looking to enhance their performance, simply by adding resistance to each workout....

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  • Wrist Weights Wrist Weights
    Prodotto disponibile con diverse opzioni
    Wrist Weights

    Comfortable, adjustable and secure, the pair of 0.5kg grey and blue wrist weights from the Reebok Women's Training range feature a unique thumb sleeve as well as an easily adjustable hook and loop closure. Whether you're walking, jogging or running, the wrist weights are the perfect fitness accessory to add dimension to your workout and push you to the...

    20,00 €
  • Softgrip Dumbbells

    Dumbbells are the key building blocks of fitness whatever your goals may be, that's why it's important to select your ideal dumbbells wisely. The pair of foam covered, 0.5kg dumbbells from Reebok's Women's Training range are ideal for those looking to tone their muscles and can be adjusted to fit comfortably to your hand, giving you a solid grip...

    23,00 €
  • Training Bands

    The Reebok Training Band is a versatile product allowing you to perform a variety of strength and fitness exercises. And, its portability also means you can perform those exercises anytime, anywhere. The number of different exercises you can do with a resistance band is phenomenal. For the legs, front squats, leg extensions and lateral band walks are just...

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  • Premium Speed Rope

    The fully adjustable, 3.1m durable coated steel cable allows you to set the Reebok Premium Speed Rope to your required length based on height and capability. Its weighted handles with textured grip feature an integrated ball bearing mechanism to ensure a super quick, smooth rotational motion. Combining sophisticated technology and sleek design, the red...

    24,99 €
  • Powerbands Set Flex

    The FLEX Set is multifaceted and can be used for rehabilitation, strength training, general fitness and prehabilitative exercises. The set includes three FLEX band strength, a door anchor and a training manual. The portable & lightweight set is perfect for travel and is suitable for all fitness levels Bonus: The set include a 60 day access to our...

    37,90 €
  • Powerbands Set MAX

    The power set MAX includes all three powerbands MINI and the powerbands MAX Black. This set enables you to carry out all of our exercises and workouts. There are simply no limits to the variety of exercises that can be brought to your training regimen using powerbands.

    42,90 €

    Maximize your workouts and bring them to the next level with the Let’s Bands door anchor that attaches to nearly any three hinge door. This versatile attachment increases your exercises options with any resistance training tool. It also includes a protective non-wear sleeve to minimize wear and tear on powerbands for prolonged use. So, you can choose...

    8,50 €
  • Powerbands Max

    Our powerbands MAX Yellow has a extra light resistance and is ideal for women and men. In addition to strength and interval training, you can also use our powerband MAX Yellow for shoulder, arms, lower body, flexibility and rehabilitation exercises. Recommended for beginners, advanced users and professionals. Our powerbands MAX Green has a medium...

    17,90 €
  • Powerbands Set Mini

    The power set MINI contains all three powerbands with light, medium, and strong resistance strengths. This set enables you to carry out a variety of our exercises and workouts. You can easily determine your training level on the basis of the different strengths. Recommendations for beginners and training can be found in the description below.

    15,90 €
  • Powerbands Set Pro

    The PRO Set is our best-selling product among women and men! It is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to experience the full power of a unique training tool. The set includes all five powerbands, an exercise DVD, and a training manual. Take the "smallest gym in the world" home with you.

    62,90 €
  • Powerbands Tube

    Our powerband TUBE yellow has the lightest resistance and is therefore optimal for beginners or for combining with other bands. In addition to warming up, activating your muscles or stability exercises you can also use our yellow TUBE for shoulder, arms, lower body, flexibility and rehabilitation exercises. The ergonomic rotating handles ensure maximum...

    14,90 €
  • Powerbands Flex

    The powerbands FLEX in yellow has the lightest resistance. Optimal for beginners and professionals to combine with our other bands. The yellow band is ideal for warming up, activating your muscles, active recovery, physical rehabilitation therapy and light strength training exercises. The powerbands FLEX in green has medium resistance. Optimal for...

    8,90 €
  • Powerbands MINI

    The powerbands MINI in yellow has the lightest resistance and is therefore optimal for beginners or for combining with our other bands. The yellow band is ideal for warming up, activating your muscles, targeting the main muscle groups, or core stability muscles. Recommendations and combinations are provided in the below description. The powerbands MINI...

    4,90 €

    The Powerbands Floss is an essential performance tool and should be a staple in the gym bag of every athlete looking to improve their range of motion, restore joint mechanics, or heal previously injured muscle tissue. Flossing works on many levels simultainiously; increasing recovery & improving joint mechanics. They can also be used for Occlusion...

    19,90 €
  • Bodybike Smart+

    BODY BIKE SMART®+ sets new standards for indoor cycles. It combines state-of-the-art technology with functional design providing both the cyclist, the service team and the club owner with a superior indoor bike. It features a revolutionary innovation: SMART Charge. With every pedal stroke you create power. And the harder you pedal the more power you...

    2 399,00 €
  • BodyBike smart

    The BODY BIKE SMART® is exactly the same as BODY BIKE SMART®+ - just without the technological features. It is optimized in terms of design, functionality, ergonomy and stability. It is the perfect indoor bike for every cycling studio wanting to invest in high quality with low maintenance as an added bonus. It is THE bike for high intensity interval...

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  • Bodybike Classic

    BODY BIKE Supreme - the ultimate indoor bike. All vital parts are in stainless steel, completely eliminating problems such as rust and deterioration. The Supreme comes in a wide variety of colours. In black and grey it elegantly and discreetly fits into any environment without disturbing the eye. In one of the many other colours, it becomes an...

    1 439,00 €
  • TRX bands

    Whether you’re rehabbing an injury or going after a new PR, TRX Resistance Bands is an essential part of your strength building toolbox.

    35,90 €
  • Set of 2 Fast clamping Collars for DON OLIVER Pump Bar

    Domestic or Pump Aerobic training to secure weights on Barbells and Dumbells. Snaplock enables quick release for fast weight changes. Sold as a pair.

    10,90 €
  • Floor mats BODY BIKE

    Your floor protection mat, its shape is designed to collect the sweat of the bicycle user. A border along prevents water from flowing outside of the carpet. Surface anti-slip for increased safety when arriving by bike.

    94,80 €
  • Vélo Bodybike Vélo Bodybike
    Prodotto disponibile con diverse opzioni
    Vélo Bodybike

    My BODY BIKE is the perfect training partner when you want the possibility of working out at home. The bike is designed and constructed for home use using the best materials for the purpose. The frame is powder-coated black and the covers come in 8 different colours. Handlebar and stabilizers are constructed in stainless steel thereby avoiding rust....

    999,00 €
  • BODY BIKE Connect

    With BODY BIKE Connect indoor cycling is taken to the next level enabling you to optimize your training, motivating you to reach your goal and realize your full potential. BODY BIKE Connect is a sophisticated watt cycle with an integrated sensor that measures your performance. The BODY BIKE Performance console on the handlebar shows watt output, cadence,...

    2 039,00 €
  • Casque silence

    Wireless stereo transmitter for PLANET FITNESS Silent Headphones. Plug in the transmitter to your audio system to broadcast music & instructor's voice through the Silent Headphones.

    214,90 €

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