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  • reebok
    The group was born in the UK in Bolton in 1895 when Joseph William Foster was one of the first to manufacture spiked athletic shoes. First company to produce a model of exclusively women's basketball in 1982, called "Reebok Freestyle" addressing those who practice aerobics. In 1989, the Reebok Pump born. Sales will really take off when the brand decided to make a massive advertising campaign with a star of American basketball. In 2005, the adidas Group acquires Reebok. In 2009, Reebok revives innovation by launching the Easytone model: the air circulating on pads soles inspired balance balloons supposed strengthen the legs and buttocks.
  • reebok
    MERRITHEW ™ - Leaders Mindful Movement ™ - is dedicated to the manufacture of fitness brands, multi-disciplinary, high-caliber, for people of all ages, levels and physical abilities. For over 25 years, Lindsay and Moira Merrithew have based their society on the philosophy that exercise responsibly and effectively is the foundation for a better life. STOTT PILATES Pilates is the brand leader in MERRITHEW company, having trained more than 40,000 students in over 100 countries. The other high-end brands are MERRITHEW ZEN • GA ™, CORE ™ Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training ™ and Total Toolbar ™.
  • lesMills
    Roy Leslie "Les Mills" (born 1 November 1934) is a former New Zealand athlete, who represented New Zealand at the Olympic Games for more than 20 years for the shot put, the discus throw and weightlifting. After his retirement, he converts the gym manager. He created with his son Philip Mills group lessons Fitness practiced by about 6 million people.
  • PFI
    Planet Fitness International (PFI) is a global concept of providing equipment and fitness training. The company was founded by Christophe Andanson, Cesar Navarro, Kim Hesselund and its executive director Jan Middelkamp. The group shares decades of experience in the fitness industry and offers the best education in functional training, personal training, and team training.
  • TRX
    Invented by the american special forces, the « Navy SEALS », TRX is a simple and effective tool which allows you to work the whole body thanks to it’s suspension system. based on principles of dynamic exercise, it associates your efforts with the suspension of bodyweight attached to an anchor point. The stability and flexibility of the TRX allow you to create unlimited exercices. It’s a fantastic way to strengthen your body and trim your waist.
  • OP
    ONLY PLAY is part of a danish group : BESTSELLER. BESTSELLER is one of the largest online european fashion group for women, men and children. Helping you to move well and feel great, ONLY PLAY is ideal for your training. In each collection, functionality, quality and feminine details come together to create a strong mix of fashion and sportswear trends. ONLY PLAY offers all combinations to compose the sportswear that suits you. ONLY PLAY is for the girl who loves fashion and sport. With this line, the sporty fashionista does not compromise on her looks when working out. The collections are made for the best possible training conditions. ONLY PLAY favors freedom of movement as the right of every woman to look beautiful for her fitness classes. The look of the brand is generally colorful and unique.
  • HBX
    The HBX of Planet Fitness is a training concept and high quality coaching or personal training team training (smart coaching), in partnership with global leading brands. Its slogan is "Moving best to live better." The sessions take place in a functional area, the "hitbox" for training of highly qualitative way in a "Performance Training Center" specific to each of the following sessions: TRX team, VIPR team, WRESTLING circuit, Circuit BOXING...
  • Compex
    Compex is a Swiss brand that has developed over the last twenty years an unprecedented expertise in the areas of rehabilitation, treatment of pain and sports training. The electrical stimulation, Compex's flagship technology has emerged over the years as the key figure for health professionals and the most demanding athletes. It is now a widespread training technique, used for physical preparation, muscular recovery, injury prevention, rehabilitation or treatment of pain.
  • TP
    The trigger points are muscle « nodes » that form with bad posture, repetitive movements, stress ... They can be very painful. Trigger Point Performance Therapy relieves these nodes to release tension in the muscles and increase blood flow. Each massage tool is designed to be used with body weight and thus apply pressure to the muscles affected with Triggerpoints.
  • At the heart of it all is the creator and pioneer of Activewear and Active Living, Lorna Jane Clarkson. Since sewing her first one-off design in 1989 at her home in Brisbane, Australia, Lorna Jane has transformed her fashion vision into a world-leading Activewear brand and created a new fashion category. Every month, new collections flow into more than 200 Lorna Jane stores across Australia and the United States, as well as stockists in Europe, the UK, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Of course, they always develop beautiful, fashionable garments made with high performance fabrics and utilise expert craftsmanship, but what makes Lorna Jane truly unique is that Lorna Jane created a new way for women to approach daily fashion and life.

  • Rocktape
    Rocktape helps athletes of all levels to get stronger, longer with the best band of Kinesiology at the tip. The aim is that people can move longer and in a better way. The kinesiology tape is very resistant, available in 12 different colors and patterns, tested by the most demanding athletes (or Serena Williams Kerri Walsh) during exercise and recovery phases. RockTape can be used to treat tendonitis, plantar fascists tibial shin splints, lower back problems and posture.
  • gunex
    With 4 main tools and different resistances (COBRA, ROCKET, QUATTRO, CORE-MACHINE) Gun-eX have develop products for the complex physical training: strength, power, speed, dynamics, agility, reaction, acceleration, basic, stability, coordination, balance ...
  • MetalBoxe
    Brand specialized in boxing for years Metal Boxe also offers products dedicated to different combat sports like Thai boxing, MMA, Free Fight the ... A wide range of products: gloves, helmets, protectors feet, shin pads, chest protectors, shells, mittens under gloves, shields, pao, bear paws, punch bags ....
  • bikeo
    Philip and Gregory are at the origin of BIKE'O. They met in 2010 at a company specialized in swimming equipment. From this meeting was born the common awareness of the benefits of aquabiking and therefore the will to synergize their experience from both the sports world and the textile industry, to offer followers of this new activity optimum conditions . Their meetings with aquabiking professionals and participants allowed them to better define the needs of the environment and thus become aware of the lack of equipment & clothing specifically dedicated to the activity. From their research emerged the idea of a swimsuit that would take several months to design and develop to ensure an effective product.
  • Anita
    Special underwear and swimwear, outstanding fit, uncompromising comfort and high quality: these have been the key characteristics of ANITA Dr. Helbig for over 125 years! We are represented around the world through two of our brands: ANITA SINCE 1886 and ROSA FAIA. We develop, produce and sell lingerie and swimwear under these two brands for all shapes and sizes, also for large cup and underbust sizes. All of our products are developed specifically with the various figures and requirements of our customers in mind: for fuller figures or large busts, for breastfeeding mums or sporty, active women – our underwear collections offer something for everyone, also for women who have undergone breast surgery.
  • Gunex
    Based in San Diego, California, SKLZ prepares athletes to be ready for their sport. The SKLZ brand offers skill and performance training products and programs for athletes to use at home and in training environments. Sports training equipment for athletes of all ages and skills. The preparation is something absolute. Either you’re ready or not. Never a man has managed to accomplish much with little in the history of human effort. That's why our muscles hurt us, that's why we burn our eyes and that's why we have only one goal: the constant search of the preparation. Many people are selfless. Our greatest opponents are working as much as we do. So if we want to win one day, we must work smarter. Be prepared.
  • Lytess
    Lytess, cosmétotextile pioneer launched Lytess FIT ACTIVE, a new concept combining sports and thinness to all women who want to feel good in their body. The clothes are designed to refine the silhouette by conducting three actions simultaneously.
  • BB
    It is no coincidence that the world's leading fitness classes LES MILLS recommended for over 10 years bicycles Body Bike to practice their course. These are simply the best bikes in the world. Among the latest brands to still manufacture its bicycles in Europe (Denmark), Body bike brings infinite attention and care to every detail, to make your unique spinning experience.
  • solfsole
    Sofsole starter in 1991 and rapidly grew to become world leader in footwear accessories with 80% of the north american market (USA + Canada). The sof sole collection includes insoles, socks and shoes to cater for the needs of daily high impact activities. The materials used are at the height of technology and optimise the function, comfort, and performance of any shoe. For your wellbeing, whatever your activity, an insole should protect your foot, and most importantly it’s most fragile zones, by spreading the pressure between the shoe and the skin. This is much more effective when the insole marries the shape of your foot. For this reason IMPLUS has created a collection of High-tech insoles made from the latest génération of high quality materials. Particularly comfortable, they adapt just as well to men’s and womens feet.
  • venum
    # 1 brand of martial arts sports, Venum offers technical clothing for professional and amateur athletes and fans of these sports. Globally recognized as the best supplier in the field, Venum combines style and technical perfection in each of its parts, whether for tee shirts, sweatshirts or shorts.
  • vipr
    It may look like a small rubber tube, but the VIPR is a very effective training tool. Virtually indestructible and incredibly functional, VIPR has already proven itself in fitness clubs, instructors circles and in the media.
  • bulgarian
    The Bulgarian Bag is the pipe for all sports fans fighting, strength and skill. The range of possible exercises with the Bulgarian Bag is great. You can beef up your upper body and abdominal muscles, but also the entire muscularity system.
  • Freefoarm
    Tony Susnjara, the developer and driving force behind FreeFORM, is a yoga teacher with over 20 years experience in both Australia and the UK. Tony is qualified as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, remedial masseuse and student of the martial arts. Tony’s unique contribution to the wellness industry is his philosophical capacity to see a bigger picture perspective, where different therapeutic and conditioning approaches such as yoga, Pilates and functional fitness each have their own unique contribution in creating a healthier and more fulfilling life.
  • lebert
    Lebert Fitness is a world leader in innovative high performance work out tools. Created by personal trainer, Taekwondo black belt and international speaker, Lebert Equalizer is utilized by Professional Sports teams, Personal trainers, Athletic departments, Boot camps, Clubs and more. Marc Lebert, the creator, has excelled at sports all his life but his passion for weight training began at college where he first stepped foot in the weight room. He has been working out religiously ever since ! As the strength and conditioning coach for Billy « the kid »Iwing, Marc also began learning the « sweat science » and boxing is a real passion for him teaching high energy, dynamic classes every week. Marc is a certified personal trainer and proprietor of Personal Strength Fitness Inc. training clients in their homes, corporations and at his fitness club.
  • IronGym
    IRON GYM enjoys legendary status amongst sports and fitness enthusiasts the world over delivering high quality & high performance home gym equipment.
  • Perfect Fitness
    Perfect Fitness®, a division of Implus LLC is the market-leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative fitness equipment including the Perfect Pushup®, Perfect Pullup®, Perfect Multi-Gym®, Perfect Situp®, and other fitness accessories. The company is committed to offering advanced product solutions to enable consumers of all fitness levels to unlock their body's potential with products founded on functional training, natural movements and back-to-basics principles.

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