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TRX Training is inspired by cutting-edge research and the best practice of the military, professional sports and academic institutions, together with the experience of our experienced team that works with thousands of athletes, coaches , coaches, first aid responders, experts, professors and members of the military from all branches.
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  • TRX Invizi-Mount

    Picture hanger or TRX anchor? The answer is both. Instantly turn any room into a home gym with the TRX Invizi-Mount. Simply install this sturdy steel plate to a load-bearing wall, hook up your TRX Suspension Trainer and get to work with no limitations to your movements. Once you’ve completed your workout, the Invizi-Mount morphs into a functional wall...

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    • 4,5kg, 6,8kg, 9kg, 11,3kg, 13,6kg, 18,2kg
    TRX Medecine ball TRX Medecine ball
    TRX Slam ball

    Engage your entire body in a high-intensity TRX Slam Ball workout that builds strength, cardio and explosive power. Simple and easy-to-use, TRX Slam Balls are a fast, fun and effective for athletes of all levels!

    29,90 €
  • TRX Kettlebell

    Combine strength and cardio training while engaging multiple muscle groups in workouts with TRX Gravity Cast Kettlebells.

    49,90 €
  • TRX Conditioning Rope

    Increase power, blast fat and build core and upper body strength in high-intensity, metabolic workouts with the TRX Conditioning Rope.

    117,90 €
  • TRX Plyo Box

    Confidently take your plyometric training to the next level with TRX Plyo Boxes, made of foam that's firm and durable, but soft enough on the outside to protect your knees and shins if you happen to miss. TRX Plyo Boxes are sold individually in heights 6-24 inches, and can be easily stacked into customized heights that won't slip apart.

    245,90 €
  • TRX Foam Roller

    Target nagging muscle pains and knots, recover faster, and improve flexibility and mobility with the TRX EPP Foam Roller. Made from high-quality expanded polypropylene foam (EPP), this roller keeps its shape and delivers consistent results through deep tissue therapy that’ll get you safely back to training in no time. The TRX EPP Foam Roller is sold in...

    17,90 €
  • TRX Mat

    Perform floor exercises including sit-ups, push-ups, burpees or TRX planks on the TRX Training Mat. It cushions hard training surfaces, and adds stability to safely and effectively perform exercises, even on carpet. Easy to store and transport it to the park, the office or wherever your training takes you.

    24,90 €
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    • Strong, Medium, Low, Extra-Light, Extra extra-Light
    TRX Medecine ball TRX Medecine ball
    TRX bands

    Whether you’re rehabbing an injury or going after a new PR, TRX Resistance Bands is an essential part of your strength building toolbox.

    47,88 €
  • TRX Mini bands

    TRX Mini Bands may be short, but their resistance goes a long way to building total-body strength through many types of training.

    3,90 €
  • TRX Duo

    #Modeled after classic Gymnastics Rings, the TRX Duo Trainer™ is the perfect companion to the TRX Suspension Trainer™, with its enhanced ergonomic design, adjustability, portability and full-body integrative system. Created in partnership with best-selling author, coach and founder of MobilityWOD, Kelly Starrett, the TRX Duo Trainer enables everyone to...

    219,90 €
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    • 3,6kg, 4,5kg, 5,5kg, 7,3kg
    TRX Medecine ball TRX Medecine ball
    TRX Wall ball

    Ideal for wall ball throwing and slamming, our TRX Medicine Balls come in weights up to 20 lbs for beginner to advanced-level training.

    64,90 €
  • TRX Pro 4

    The new TRX Pro Suspension Trainer is our most innovative product so far, with fully-adjustable and padded foot cradles, custom antimicrobial-treated rubber handles, commercial-grade components and three different types of anchoring solutions for maximum versatility. This may be the best, and last, piece of fitness equipment you’ll ever use.

    201,75 € 269,00 € -25%

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