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  • Gun-eX Quattro Pro

    300,30 € 429,00 € -30%
  • TRX Conditioning Rope

    Increase power, blast fat and build core and upper body strength in high-intensity, metabolic workouts with the TRX Conditioning Rope.

    143,00 €
  • Battling Rope

    Commonly seen in CrossFit, the Reebok branded Battling Rope is a heavy-duty, 10m long polyester rope with rubber grips at each end for a strong hold. Battling ropes typically enhance an athlete's grip, strength and overall levels of functional training capacity by building up to a peak heart rate through a variety of motions. 5cm thick, the Reebok rope...

    120,00 € 200,00 € -40%
  • Gun-eX Cobra Speed KIT

    Speed rope for lower body workout. Train starts, sprints, jumps and other lower body movements. Who is it for ? Get COBRA SPEED kit if you need to work on lower body. It’s a great tool for athletes who need to build up leg speed and explosive power, improve acceleration and reaction time – track & field athletes, hockey, soccer, rugby and American...

    158,76 € 226,80 € -30%
  • Gun-eX Cobra Basic KIT

    Elastic battle ropes with higher training effect, exercise variability and durability. Elastic ropes fight back and add resistance to your every move. Develop core and upper body strength and power. Who is it for ? Get COBRA BASIC kit if you want to start with elastic battle rope training and see what it‘s all about. You can do all battle exercises,...

    268,10 € 383,00 € -30%
  • PLANET FITNESS Leather Rope

    The PLANET FITNESS leather Rope is available in 3 Lengths: 240cm, 270cm or 300cm.

    7,94 € 22,68 € -65%

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