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    Disque Bumper LIVEPRO
    LIVEPRO Premium Speed Jumprope

    Lightweight high-performance steel-coated rope maintains its shape and provides maximum rope speed for performing double-under & triple-under jumps. Ergonomic handles prevent slippage and add comfort.Patent-pending linear adjustment system allows you to easily adjust rope up to 10 feet to fit any user's height.Material : Rope (PVC coated...

    35,40 €
  • Hip Belt Gun-eX

    The universal hip belt can be used for the heaviest loads and the most energetic training. It is designed for movement in any direction (360°) with no tension on the adjusting buckle. It is padded with neoprene for comfort.

    32,40 €
  • ROCKET + X-harness - Resistance 400 Newtons

    This resistance rope is a perfect tool for working your accelerations. It will allow you to work at the same time your agility and your reaction time. Lightweight and easy to carry, it comes with a harness that is mainly used to make sprint and have the point of gravity on the shoulders.

    190,80 €
  • Battling Rope

    Commonly seen in CrossFit, the Reebok branded Battling Rope is a heavy-duty, 10m long polyester rope with rubber grips at each end for a strong hold. Battling ropes typically enhance an athlete's grip, strength and overall levels of functional training capacity by building up to a peak heart rate through a variety of motions.5cm thick, the Reebok rope...

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    Speed Rope

    Reebok Speed Rope - A classic piece of equipment for improving cardiovascular fitness and agility.The stylish Reebok Speed Rope, with grey and red lightweight slim grip handles, provides highly effective training whilst taking up minimum space in the home. The 300cm rope is easily length adjustable and offers a fast smooth motion through every jump.

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    Premium Speed Rope

    The fully adjustable, 3.1m durable coated steel cable allows you to set the Reebok Premium Speed Rope to your required length based on height and capability.Its weighted handles with textured grip feature an integrated ball bearing mechanism to ensure a super quick, smooth rotational motion.Combining sophisticated technology and sleek design, the...

    24,99 €
  • TRX Conditioning Rope

    Increase power, blast fat and build core and upper body strength in high-intensity, metabolic workouts with the TRX Conditioning Rope.

    143,90 €
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    GUN-eX Quattro GUN-eX Quattro
    GUN-eX Quattro

    Full body dynamic movement training Full body workout to improve your dynamic strength, coordination and explosive power. It provides resistance to your every move, be it upper body, legs or core. Recommended for ? PT trainers, coaches and professional athletes, physical rehabilitation centers. Get QUATTRO if you need to improve coordination and build up...

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    Gun-eX Cobra Pro KIT Gun-eX Cobra Pro KIT
    Gun-eX Cobra Pro KIT

    Full body workout, all available accessories included. Ideal choice for professional athletes and trainers. Great for traveling to training camps. Who is it for ? Get COBRA PRO kit if you want to get the most out of your new elastic battle ropes. PRO kit includes all available accessories and thus offering maximum utility, you can perform every exercise...

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    Gun-eX Cobra Basic KIT Gun-eX Cobra Basic KIT
    Gun-eX Cobra Basic KIT

    Elastic battle ropes with higher training effect, exercise variability and durability. Elastic ropes fight back and add resistance to your every move. Develop core and upper body strength and power. Who is it for ? Get COBRA BASIC kit if you want to start with elastic battle rope training and see what it‘s all about. You can do all battle exercises,...

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    • Low, Strong

    Designed for group classes and small group training. Hard and highly effective HIIT that is fun for all participants. One kit is for two people to train in pair. Who is it for ? Get COBRA GUNNING kit if you are planning to lead GUNNING™ group classes or small group training. One kit is for two people – person on each side of the ropes alternates between...

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    Gun-eX Cobra Tactical KIT Gun-eX Cobra Tactical KIT
    Gun-eX Cobra Tactical KIT

    Special camouflage edition with improved durability, designed for armed and special forces. Full body workout - battling exercises, sprints, jumps, plyometric and ballistic exercises. Easy to travel with thanks to heavy duty carry bag. Who is it for ? Get COBRA TACTICAL kit if you need tool for full body workout designed for toughest conditions and...

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    Gun-eX Cobra Speed KIT

    Speed rope for lower body workout. Train starts, sprints, jumps and other lower body movements. Who is it for ? Get COBRA SPEED kit if you need to work on lower body. It’s a great tool for athletes who need to build up leg speed and explosive power, improve acceleration and reaction time – track & field athletes, hockey, soccer, rugby and American...

    270,90 €
  • Wooden bar (ASH)

    This is a lightweight bar from hard ash wood with beautiful lasered-in GUN-eX® logo.Attention Gun-ex products are sent via their warehouse. The delay is estimated from 2 to 15 days.

    53,88 €
  • PLANET FITNESS Leather Rope

    The PLANET FITNESS leather Rope is available in 3 Lengths: 240cm, 270cm or 300cm.

    13,74 € 22,90 € -40%
  • PLANET FITNESS Battle Rope

    Battle ropes help you generate power, strength, and increase cardio. Great for general fitness, MMA, crossfit training, and tug of war. This Rope will not shed like manila ropes. Great for adding a new component to your regular training routines.Length: 18 meters Colour: White For indoor and outdoor use.

    251,30 € 359,00 € -30%

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