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Weighted bags (3)

  • Powerbag rack LIVEPRO

    Holds up to 5 Powerbags. Dimensions : 86.5 x 59 x 145.5cm

    202,50 €
  • LIVEPRO Powerbags

    Industrial grade, thick, PVC skin. Heavy duty nylon straps. Easy to clean surface. Air hole and caps allow for air release when compressed. Sand filler in special liner bag for even weight distribution. Available from 5kgs to 25kgs.

    46,50 €
  • PLANET FITNESS Bulgarian Bag - From 5kg to 22kg
    -34,90 €
    Product available with different options
    PLANET FITNESS Bulgarian Bag

    The Planet Fitness Bulgarian Bag is a unique training tool to achieve an infinite number of exercises. This is a bag of sand in a half-moon, made of leather, with multiple flexible handles. The Bulgarian Bag is an effective tool to work the upper and lower body. It helps you achieve various physical goals, such as building strength and endurance,...

    25,00 € 59,90 € -34,90 €

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