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  • Combat MMA Glove HBX

    Featuring an injected foam, thumb protected, fully open palm and a double-turn cuff for a super fit, this glove meets the toughest requirements of this sport.

    48,00 €
  • Medium Curved Kick Shield METAL BOXE

    High-Density foam shield designed to work out hit speed, fitness, and accuracy. Curved to facilitate knee hits & uppercuts.

    90,30 € 129,00 € -30%
  • AktivBag Metal Box AktivBag Metal Box
    Out of stock
    AktivBag Metal Box

    Metal Boxe introduces its latest punching bag the "AktivBag".  IT'S AN EXTRAORDINARY PIECE OF EQUIPMENT!  You can bring it to the ground to work your "Ground & Pound", and when you release it, it comes back to standing alone position by itself Already pre-filled, all you have to do is to complete the filling by sand & water for optimal use.

    455,00 €
  • Combat MMA Glove METAL BOXE

    The "100% FIGHT II," the PFC, the FMC among others have chosen for its light weight (145 g), comfort and performance. Featuring an injected foam, protected thumb, the fully open palm and a double turn cuff for a great support, this glove meets the toughest demands of the sport. Sold as a pair

    46,90 €
  • Punching Bag METAL BOXE 150cm

    Envelope PU STRONG, cotton inside against bonded, closing with eyelets and lacing. Attachment by chains, ring and pin. Filled in with falls of tissus. Sangle grip to the base of the bag to avoid the swing of it. The filling quality guaranteed protection of your hands and the quality of your workouts.

    178,90 €

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