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  • Pilates Edge  & DVD Series (Combo)
    Product available with different options
    Gants MMA Noir Mat - Blacklight - Compétition / Entraînement

    The "100% FIGHT II," the PFC, the FMC among others have chosen for its light weight (145 g), comfort and performance. Featuring an injected foam, protected thumb, the fully open palm and a double turn cuff for a great support, this glove meets the toughest demands of the sport. Sold as a pair

    46,90 €
  • Punching Bag METAL BOXE 150cm

    Envelope PU STRONG, cotton inside against bonded, closing with eyelets and lacing. Attachment by chains, ring and pin. Filled in with falls of tissus. Sangle grip to the base of the bag to avoid the swing of it. The filling quality guaranteed protection of your hands and the quality of your workouts.

    178,90 €
  • PLANET FITNESS Leather Rope

    The PLANET FITNESS leather Rope is available in 3 Lengths: 240cm, 270cm or 300cm.

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  • PLANET FITNESS Kettlebell

    The PLANET FITNESS Kettlebells are available in different weights and are designed with a rubber pad to avoid damaging the soil.CHARACTERISTICS      Material: steel and rubber      Available from 4 to 32kg      Sold per unit.

    41,95 € 83,90 € -50%
  • REEBOK Soft Medicine Ball

    The Reebok Soft Medicine Ball is designed to withstand regular and rigorous use, but at the same time is forgiving enough for users to safely catch the ball from a high velocity. Its solid and reliable construction means it keeps its shape after prolonged use. The Reebok Medicine Ball's stitched design features a black shell with red panels, displaying...

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    freeFORM Board is a great addition to any personal trainer’s, group fitness instructor or fitness enthusiasts toolbox. From simple, linear, isolation exercises to whole body integratedfunctional training, the freeFORM Board delivers better results in less time and in a novel and joyable manner. Existing freeFORM users often describe freeFORM as the...

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  • BOSU 67cm BOSU 67cm
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    BOSU Pro

    Professional BOSU Balance Trainer Complete with pump and manual 673mm x 635mm x 254mm (h) inflated

    174,93 € 249,90 € -30%

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