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  • Gripper Mat

    This versatile non-slip rubber mat is every equipment-users best friend. Designed for safety and to increase traction and prevent slipping or sliding while using the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair™ and Barrels. By stabilizing the body, exercisers can focus on muscle isolation and movement integrity. Use to prevent moist hands or feet...

    8,28 €
  • Deluxe Mat with Grommets

    he new Deluxe Grommet Mats are perfect for high-use professional facilities. A comfortable 15 mm thick, these mats are super-sized to accommodate larger clients. Available in a beautiful Graphite Grey metallic color, these mats come equipped with grommets that make storage and drying easy. Also available as a 6-pack with free wall hanging unit.

    89,88 €
  • Merrithew Coronella 200 Airex Mat

    Whole-body training techniques such as Pilates, yoga and other mind-body exercise require you to maintain positions for an extended period of time. With added length, thickness and a memory foam-like quality, this mat provides a cushiony-soft surface that supports your body while protecting your spine, tendons and joints from high-impact exercises.

    167,90 €

    Anti-sweat and anti-bacterial coating, waterproof, eyelets storage. Dimensions : - Black Mat : 100x60x0,7cm - Grey Mat : 140x60x0,7cm  

    36,00 €
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  • TRX Mat

    Perform floor exercises including sit-ups, push-ups, burpees or TRX planks on the TRX Training Mat. It cushions hard training surfaces, and adds stability to safely and effectively perform exercises, even on carpet. Easy to store and transport it to the park, the office or wherever your training takes you. Dimensions : 128x56cm - thickness 15mm

    29,00 €

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