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Medicine balls (5)

  • Med Ball Rack

    The freestanding Reebok Studio Medicine Ball Rack is the ideal storage solution for keeping medicine balls in one neat and tidy location within studios or gym areas.With a solid base, the rack can be used as a single or dual rack and stores up to 10 medicine balls in total. Its simple yet stylish design ensures it matches effortlessly with the Reebok...

    330,00 €
  • TRX Medecine ball TRX Medecine ball
    Product available with different options
    TRX Wall ball

    Ideal for wall ball throwing and slamming, our TRX Medicine Balls come in weights up to 20 lbs for beginner to advanced-level training.

    95,90 €
  • PLANET FITNESS Double Grip Medicine Ball

    The PLANET FITNESS Double Grip Medicine Balls are perfect for circuits and functional training. They are premium quality textured rubber surface for excellent grip.FEATURES Available weights from 6kg  to 10kg.  

    31,16 € 77,90 € -60%
  • REEBOK Medicine Ball

    The Reebok Medicine Balls can be used for a wide range of exercises. The high density, rubber compound is designed for easy cleaning and helps to avoid scuffs on walls or studio floors. They can be used rigorously on a daily basis.These medicine balls are available in a range of weights between 1-5kg. Perfect for high intensity training sessions....

    59,88 €

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