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Weighted bags (3)

  • LIVEPRO Powerbags

    Industrial grade, thick, PVC skin. Heavy duty nylon straps. Easy to clean surface. Air hole and caps allow for air release when compressed. Sand filler in special liner bag for even weight distribution. Available from 5kgs to 25kgs.

    26,65 € 41,00 € -35%
  • Powerbag rack LIVEPRO

    Holds up to 5 Powerbags. Dimensions : 86.5 x 59 x 145.5cm

    178,00 €
  • LIVEPRO Training Harness

    This harness is designed to be used with Livepro's Gym Sled, or any other weight-loaded resistance training tool that can be attached to it. Adjustable, padded shoulder harness 10ft dual nylon strap included Pulling capacity of at least 600lbs

    13,00 € 20,00 € -35%

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