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  • Gymball Rack

    The Reebok Studio Gymball Rack is a perfect addition to any gym or studio environment, holding up to 9 Reebok gymballs. Both fast and easy to assemble from a compact flat-pack, the Reebok Gymball Rack is of steel construction for added sturdiness. With its professional grey and black design, the rack will be a stand-out feature of any fitness facility,...

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  • Fitness Circle Flex (blue)

    The ideal tool to build strength and tone! The Fitness Circle® Flex is a lightweight, portable tool that`s easy to incorporate into your fitness routine.  Featuring 4mm thick, soft-grip foam handles, the Fitness Circle® Flex provides gentle resistance for upper-and lower-body exercises. Compact design and easily portable Perfect for beginners...

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  • Yoga Strap (charcoal)

    Need that extra inch…the extra bit to help you get into the pose?  How about using our Yoga Strap to help you get into all those positions that are just out of reach?  Our 100% cotton strap with 2D rings has enough length to challenge or encourage your range of movement.  Whether used as an aid to get into poses or to hold poses longer,...

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  • Carriage Stopper

    Universal Carriage Stopper replacement for all MERRITHEW™ Reformers. Allows Reformer carriage stopping positions to be adjusted for preferred user settings.

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  • Pole - Maple Roll-Up

    Our solid maple Roll-up Pole is used to increase focus on scapular stabilization while performing exercises on the Reformer, Ladder Barrel or Mat.

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  • Pilates Edge & DVD Series (Combo)

    Add challenge to any workout with the Pilates Edge! Designed to add variety to any workout, this angled surface for positioning the body in a range of increasing height to add strength and stability to the torso, arms and legs. The Edge can be used alone or use the integrated rings to attach resistance equipment, including bands and tubing. Includes the...

    359,00 €

      Sturdy and versatile, Rotational Disks improve strength through rotation and add variety and fun while standing or sitting. - See more at: Sturdy and versatile, Rotational Disks improve strength through rotation and add variety and fun while...

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  • Spine Corrector

    The Spine Corrector is an essential Pilates tool that can be used to perform exercises lengthening and strengthening the torso, shoulders, back and legs while correcting or restoring the spine’s natural curvature. An ideal piece of equipment for aligning and mobilizing and spine, the Spine Corrector can also assist with improving posture. Its slanted...

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    freeFORM Board is a great addition to any personal trainer’s, group fitness instructor or fitness enthusiasts toolbox. From simple, linear, isolation exercises to whole body integratedfunctional training, the freeFORM Board delivers better results in less time and in a novel and joyable manner. Existing freeFORM users often describe freeFORM as the...

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  • BOSU 67cm BOSU 67cm
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    BOSU Pro

    Professional BOSU Balance Trainer Complete with pump and manual 673mm x 635mm x 254mm (h) inflated

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