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  • TRX Mini bands

    TRX Mini Bands may be short, but their resistance goes a long way to building total-body strength through many types of training.

    3,90 €
  • TRX bands

    Whether you’re rehabbing an injury or going after a new PR, TRX Resistance Bands is an essential part of your strength building toolbox.

    29,90 €
  • Vélo Bodybike

    The Body Bike Classic Supreme is the result of a relentless quest for the ultimate indoor bike. It is fully protected by plastic covers on the crank and flywheel and all its essential components are made of stainless steel. Therefore, dust and oxidation have no chance! The Body Classic Supreme has been designed intelligently and every element - even the...

    1 511,10 € 1 679,00 € -10%
  • Set of 2 Fast clamping Collars for DON OLIVER Pump Bar

    Domestic or Pump Aerobic training to secure weights on Barbells and Dumbells. Snaplock enables quick release for fast weight changes. Sold as a pair

    10,90 €
  • Vélo Bodybike Vélo Bodybike
    Out of stock
    Vélo Bodybike

    My BODY BIKE is the perfect training partner when you want the possibility of working out at home. The bike is designed and constructed for home use using the best materials for the purpose. The frame is powder-coated black and the covers come in 8 different colours. Handlebar and stabilizers are constructed in stainless steel thereby avoiding rust....

    999,00 €

    Wellwalk is a Professional treadmill conceived for fluid movement adapted for professional walking and running.   Wellwalk allows you to enjoy power-walking, for everyone who wants to do this most natural physical activity. SPECIAL OFFER : MATERIAL ONLY USED IN A SINGLE CONVENTION BONUS GIFT ! For one purchase of the Wellwalk...

    1 006,85 € 1 549,00 € -35%
  • Casque silence

    Wireless stereo transmitter for PLANET FITNESS Silent Headphones. Plug in the transmitter to your audio system to broadcast music & instructor's voice through the Silent Headphones.

    214,90 €
  • Charger for PLANET FITNESS Silent Headphone

    Multi-charger station Silence Helmets PLANET FITNESS

    106,90 €
  • PLANET FITNESS Silent Headphone

    The PLANET FITNESS Silent Audio System has been inspired by the Silent Disco events launched in the 2000's to apply the concept to the fitness industry. Designed to provide a deep immersive experience to your customers, those headphones are made to be used in static classes like RPM or spinning / cycling.  Users receive directly music &...

    90,00 €
  • REEBOK Core Board Tubes

    All the advantages of the Reebok adjustable tubes with the added feature of a nylon extension strap which protects and aids positioning.

    12,00 € 30,00 € -60%
  • 0.9kg Toning ball (unit)

    Everyone’s favorite Toning Balls™ are now available in pairs! Tone your entire body with these versatile and pliable hand weights. Portable and easily incorporated into a variety of targeted sculpting exercises that result in healthy muscles without the bulk. Perfect to increase the intensity of matwork or equipment-based routines, these Toning Balls also...

    17,50 €

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