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    Only Play running gloves

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  • Neoprene LES MILLS Pouchbelt

    Micro matt belt with zip pocket. Logo black LES MILLS on the pocket. Dimensions of the case sleeve (height x width): 11 cm x 8 cm./li> Adjustable clip fastening system on the belt. 100% neoprene, very durable.

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  • Gants Pro wash&dry Femme Gants Pro wash&dry Femme
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    Gants Pro wash&dry Femme

    Designed specifically for women Performance vented stretch panels flex naturally and keep hands cool Machine washable and dryable leather ½ finger length increases contact with grip surface Double leather palm protects hand and maintains feel on bar Open cell foam cushions palm and fingers Enhanced thumb protection Fully adjustable wrist...

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  • Firm fit contoured belt Firm fit contoured belt
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    Firm fit contoured belt

    Contoured strength training belts are ergonomically designed to fit the natural shape of the body while stabilizing the core muscles. Offered in different widths for comfort and support, contoured belts provide a tailored feel. Adjustable, heavy gauge steel tensioning buckles customize the fit.

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  • Firm fit contoured belt
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    Firm fit contoured belt

    Harbinger’s synthetic strength training belts are made of flexible, lightweight materials for just the right amount of core support. This best-selling lineup features abrasion-resistant nylon for durability and heavy gauge steel tensioning buckles for an adjustable fit.

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  • Distance Waist Belt Distance Waist Belt
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    Distance Waist Belt

    Go the extra distance. For longer distance running, particularly on warmer days, a waist belt which can hold multiple bottles is a convenient and hassle-free piece of kit to take with you on your trail adventure. The Reebok Distance Waist Belt can carry four 200ml bottles which is ideal if you want to take different types of fluids on your run, plus it...

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  • Running Gloves

    Night-time trail running in hand. Something as small, lightweight and seemingly simple as a pair of running gloves can really make all the difference on a trail run. With a textured palm for enhanced grip, whether that's holding on to your water bottle, mobile device or rock scrambling to get to the top, the Reebok running gloves are comfortable and...

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